TransBaltic – Reliable and in time

We are specialised to work on routes around Europe and CIS countries. Our main activity is to drive on roundtrips in EU, but also single FTL-transportation between EU and CIS countries.

TransBaltic is a transport and logistics company that was established in 2012. The company’s first office in Estonia was opened in the same year with the purpose of arranging round trips for our own lorries (through partner companies) and subcontractors’ lorries.

By offering our customers services with a wide range of options and the right amount vehicles with the required specifications, TransBaltic has expanded into a number of other European countries.

Our professional team and carefully selected partners offer a high-quality service round the clock every day of the year. We focus on good, honest relationships – this is the secret of our success.

Today, TransBaltic works with close to 100 lorries (standard, mega, refrigerated, 3-axle and jumbo) on an everyday basis.


Company history

2012 – The company is established and its first office in Estonia opens
2014 – TransBaltic Latvia launches operations
2016 – TransBaltic Romania, TransBaltic Poland launch operations
2017 – TransBaltic Lithuania, TransBaltic Bulgaria and TransBaltic Hungary launch operations
2018 – TransBaltic Slovenia, TransBaltic Croatia, TransBaltic Bosnia and Hercegovina, TransBaltic Montenegro, TransBaltic Serbia, TransBaltic Macedonia launch operations.